Sunday, August 24, 2008

Welcome To My Blizog

Here we go!! I've started an online journal ... blog ... webpage ... whatever you wanna call it. I'd like to think this as being an experiment. Where it will go, I couldn't tell you. Perhaps it'll be a forum for every-day moments of inspiration, perhaps a running journal of life's twists and turns, maybe a means for blowing off steam? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm just gonna jump on the bike, hit the open road, and see where I end up. Why not keep a personal journal/diary under lock and key? Well, I gave it thought, and I figured some things are just better when shared. In a similar vein, Chris McCandless (inspiration for the book "Into the Wild") wrote in one of his last journal entries stuck alone in the Alaskan wilderness, "Happiness is not real unless shared ..." So perhaps I'll garner some sort of "happiness" by sharing my thoughts, bouncing them off loved-ones, friends, and lucky, or perhaps, unlucky passers-by. And for the reader, I hope at least a smidgen of what's written is enjoyable and possibly brings you happiness as well. -David